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Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

best midsize suv - tips for maintaining your car battery
Basic upkeep is part of owning an automobile. You can have the best midsize SUV on the market today but that doesn’t mean you can ignore regular maintenance. One aspect of maintenance that you can do on your own is maintaining your car battery. If the car battery in your SUV is not a maintenance-free battery then you will need to run through this list on regular basis. Here are some simple steps to keep your battery maintained and your car on the go...  

1.   Keep your battery clean and free of oxidation, corrosion, and grease.
2.   Make sure your battery is secure and is not bumping around under your hood hitting other parts of your engine.
3.   If you don’t have a maintenance-free battery, keep it topped off with water.
·         First park your car in a safe area and turn off the ignition. Make sure you have plenty of room to work in. Raise the hood and locate your battery. At this point you may want to clean the top of the battery itself to prevent dirt and debris from falling into the battery cells when you open it. Next remove the vent caps. 
·         Next check the water level in each of the battery’s cells. For those that are running low on water carefully top them off with distilled water. It is very important that you only use distilled or water that has been purified. Impure water (for example straight from the tap) can damage your battery due to its impurities.
·         Fill the battery to just below the cap hole. Be sure to not overfill. Be sure to clean up any spills that may occur with fresh water and carefully wipe down the top of the battery.

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