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Saturday, August 23, 2014

JBLM Networking Group - The Power Hour for Women

Wednesday mornings a vibrant group of women meet at the DuPont Forza coffee shop.  These military spouses work together to support one another, build each other up, and help each other grow their businesses.  They call it “The Power Hour”.
These meetings are gaining momentum and the idea is spreading across the country .
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Car Racks: Our Top 10 List

Car Racks
Considering purchasing a rack in the near future for your new or used car or truck?

Whether you are an avid traveler or only get out on the weekends our top 10 list can help you find the rack that's right for you.

  1. Ski and Snowboard racks- Most ski and snowboard racks can vary only in terms of either open or closed setups. Open setups make you have to store your winter accessories inside the car, whereas closed setups are more accommodating.

  1. Sliding racks- Though set up is fairly basic, what you might purchase will vary greatly depending upon what you need the rack for. Racks that come standard with most vehicles have a very light load capacity; maybe 100-200lbs at best. Beyond that, you will most likely be looking for an aftermarket slide rack.

  1. Trunk racks- Fit a greater variety of vehicles that can only hold light loads such as bikes, luggage.

Spare Tire Rack-
  1. Spare Tire Rack- Self-explanatory. fits over the spare tire mounted on the back of the car. Very light load capacity; a couple of bikes or a medium-sized pack at best

  1. Hitch racks- connects directly into the hitch itself. Installation can be fairly straightforward or complicated depending on the class of hitch you have. Class I hitches, for example, are not usually accommodating to a hitch rack. The class of hitch should be identified by the owner's manual. Also be sure not to exceed the suggested load capacity on these hitches as they can be easily exceeded.

    Cargo boxes/bags
  1. Cargo boxes/bags- great for putting lots of stuff in, but prevent access to the back door the vehicle.

  1. Utility racks - mainly for light to heavy duty pickup trucks not suitable for cars since they are made to be screwed into the bed of a truck.

  1. Box Top Carrier- the box top carrier is usually an open grate style where loads must be secured to the rack itself via bungee cords, rope, or nets that are made for such carriers.

  1. Soft Top Carrier- the soft top carrier is enclosed, that usually is only made of cloth material so it's not advisable to use in wet weather conditions.

  1. Hard Top Carrier – the hardtop carriers also enclosed, but is made to endure all weather conditions as well as usually more aerodynamic to help with fuel economy.

Hard Top Carrier
So, what’s the right rack setup for you?  Let's be honest, most of the time the right rack will present itself because of an underlying need (i.e. that new snowboard you've had your eye on). But we hope that this article has at least broadened your understanding of what's available to you should one of those needs arise.  If you're looking for a rack to accommodate your new or used car(s) in the Olympia Washington area, turn to the experts at the Olympia Automall, your source for all things automotive!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

VetBikes – A New Beginning for Old Bikes

Andy Newman knows that inside almost every garage in Thurston County are many good bikes gathering dust. His goal is to give those bikes a chance at a new life with a veteran. Newman, a retired Air Force pilot who lives in Olympia, understands that many combat veterans suffer in ways that are invisible to most people, and he wants to do his part to help them recover from both the physical and emotional wounds incurred during service to our country. Read More

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