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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hatchbacks at the Olympia Auto Mall

Today’s lifestyles require a different vehicle than in the past. Whether you are single commuter or are hauling around kids to school and activities, a hatchback can serve up the convenience, economy and capacity needed. Larger than a compact and typically smaller than an SUV, the hatchback offers ample storage and room for passengers while maintaining higher fuel economy than larger vehicles. Easy access storage for groceries, sports gear and everything in between is achieved by the hatchbacks full rear door. Many models also feature fold down rear seats which allows for even more storage and longer items like skis or snowboards.
Many hatchbacks are loaded with plenty of new high-tech gadgets like GPS navigation and awesome sound systems. The size of hatchbacks also makes them sportier to drive than their larger SUV cousins. You can find several models that have Hybrid power as well as gas and diesel versions, and some full electric.

The hatchback strikes a great balance between fun and function and the Olympia Auto Mall has many to choose from with 9 brands from 10 dealers, making finding the right one a fun and easy experience. 

It’s Simple! More Cars, Less Money
The Olympia Auto Mall

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Olympia Auto Mall…We Have RVs

When you think of an Auto Mall, an RV would be the last thing you think you would find. Not the case at the Olympia Auto Mall. Awesome RV features all the styles of new and used RVs from Class A to Toy Haulers. The Class A RV, also commonly referred to as the conventional motorhome or mobile home, is the largest, most luxurious of the motorized RVs. This motorhome is a virtual "home away from home" on wheels that is fully loaded and equipped for short trips, lengthy vacations or even full-timing. A Class C motorhome is built upon a minimal truck platform with a forward engine and transmission connected by driveshaft to a rear axle that propels dual-mounted rear wheels. Class C motorhomes can be powered by gas, diesel or natural gas engines with transmissions are almost always automatic. The original chassis is equipped from the truck factory to the coach builder with an attached forward cab section that is van or conventional truck based.
Travel trailers come in a variety of configurations including standard and fifth wheel models and can range from 12’ to over 40’ that can easily sleep six or more comfortably. The big advantage of a trailer is you can set it up and use the tow vehicle to explore the surrounding area.
The TOY Hauler is a fast growing segment of RV that can accommodate your motorcycles, 4 wheelers and even jet skis while still having a nice living area for the family to take showers, cook and hang out after a long day of fun.

Awesome RV at the Olympia Auto Mall has a great selection or new and used RVs ready for you to test drive and start having fun.

It’s Simple! More Cars, Less Money
The Olympia Auto Mall

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Sculptures in Puyallup

Four new sculptures have been added at Pioneer Park in Puyallup.  Puyallup’s Arts Downtown, an all-volunteer organization that supports local art, installed four new sculptures in Pioneer Park on Sunday as part of its 2017-2019 Rotating Art Collection. Currently, Arts Downtown has 53 pieces of art on display around Puyallup, most of them residing in Pioneer Park. Four of those pieces will rotate after two years, while the remaining 49 are permanent pieces that occasionally change location.

When you are searching for a new or used car in the Puyallup area, make the short drive to the Olympia Auto Mall. There you will find the right car, truck, SUV or RV with 9 brands from 10 different dealers.