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Friday, January 30, 2015

Customer Service – The Way an Auto Mall Experience Should Be

What happened to having a good experience at a car dealership?  Seriously, when was the last time you spoke with someone at a party who was just blown away by their experience at their local car dealer? Instead you probably heard about how the experience was so long and arduous that they needed to take two Excedrin just to make their head stop pounding.

Customer ServiceAt the Olympia Auto Mall, we want to change the way you look at the car buying experience.  How do we do it you might ask?  It starts with a conversation.  Not the kind that begins with, “Hey, looking to buy a car?” A real conversation where we ask questions about your life, your likes, your dislikes, your goals, and what drives you. 

We truly want you to be delighted with your new car and tell your friends and family about our personalized service and our efforts to fit you with the right car at the right price.

Gone are the days of the high pressure salesperson.  People like you are smart, savvy, and busy people.  You don’t want to be sold something.  You want someone to understand your needs and help you find solutions that will fit with your lifestyle, budget, and goals.  You want someone who will listen to you, someone local who talks and lives in your community. You want them to be a person of character who you can trust to give you the honest truth…even if it’s not convenient for them to do so.

If this sounds too good to be true, we challenge you to put us to the test.  At the Olympia Auto Mall our goal is to exceed your expectations; because “satisfactory” just doesn't cut it. We are confident you will come away with a different point of view of how buying new or used cars in Puyallup, WA will be a memorable one worth telling your friends about.

The Olympia Auto Mall – Washington's Largest!!!

The Olympia Auto Mall – Automotive Innovation at Your Fingertips

A new era of innovation is taking place in the automotive industry and you are the benefactor.  It wasn't that long ago that back up cameras were unheard of, going “hands free” was a dangerous thing you did to scare your friends, and navigation involved unfolding these huge things called MAPS.  Welcome to a new era where convenience and innovation are at your fingertips.
The Olympia Auto Mall

GPS/Navigation Systems - honestly how did we ever get anywhere before built in navigation was available in our cars and on our smartphones?  Now all you have to do is type or speak your destination and your route door to door is brought up right before your eyes…magic!

Hands Free - the invention of the cellphone brought a whole new risk with it inventors didn’t account for: distracted driving accidents.  Being distracted while on a call not only increased auto accidents, but exploded with the next generation of cellphones with texting and internet capabilities.  To combat these risks the automotive industry developed hands free technology to let you to call, click, and/or text without having to look at a screen or be distracted. 
Safety - Earlier this month we discussed many of the innovations that have come to the market. By now, chances are your vehicle you drive has either a backup camera or curtain airbags in addition to standard airbags.  However, safety technology has taken a gigantic leap forward through brilliant technologies such as automatic braking, backup warning sensors, blind spot technology, adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights, and a myriad of other features to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Infotainment - It’s hard to say who coined this phrase but infotainment has all but invaded every aspect of new and upcoming vehicles…much to our delight.  Whether it’s satellite radio, a movie to keep the kids quiet, or updates on weather and road conditions, “there’s an app for that” has now gone from your smartphone to your car.  Speaking of which there are many smartphone apps that allow you to interact with your car, find the best gas price in your vicinity, and remind you to schedule that maintenance appointment you keep putting off.  Infotainment is here to stay and we couldn't be happier.

If you are looking for the best new or used cars Olympia, WA has to offer with the latest technology look no further than the Olympia Auto Mall.  Our technology experts will help you find the right car, at the right price, with the right amenities.  Our selection and customer service is second to none!

The Olympia Auto Mall – Washington's Largest!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 reasons to purchase a vehicle at the Olympia Auto Mall

1. Location- we are conveniently located near Tumwater, Lacey, Yelm, Puyallup, Centralia, Chehalis, Bremerton, Aberdeen, Lakewood, Dupont, and JBLM areas.

2. Largest inventory in Washington State- Nobody beats us when it comes to selection. Nobody!

 purchase a vehicle at the Olympia Auto Mall3. Customer service- Our customer service is second to none.  People trust us to give it to them straight and get the job done right.

4. Local- Don’t take a risk buying online or from a dealer you don’t know.  You can talk with us face to face and “kick the tires” before buying.  Don’t get ripped off!

5. Superior repair services- Our repair teams stand ready to help. Will give you honest diagnosis an overview of what you're looking at and how much it may cost you. We never try to "pad the books" with excessive or unnecessary recommendations. We believe this is dishonest and not the way to do business.

6. Our history - We are the oldest Auto Mall in Washington. We've been around the block. It's also a testament to our commitment to our customers who trust us to be a part of their community then, now, and for many years to come.

7. Flexible financing- We have financing options available for people of all walks of life. We'll help you get the right deal on a new or used car or truck.

8. No pressure, no hassle sales- Our sales team is concerned about one thing – your satisfaction. We know purchasing a new or used vehicle can be an overwhelming experience at times. We're here to help you through the process without the hassle and headache.

9. Response to your questions and concerns- We will respond to your questions or concerns either via phone or digitally within 24 hours or less. Your business is important to us.

10. Value- With so much inventory on hand we don't need to worry about pushing certain cars or making certain deals. We've put ourselves in a position to bring you the best value at the right price for you and your family, period.
What are your top ten reasons you like the Olympia Auto Mall?  Click on the comment box and let us know what you like most about us.  

We are here to help.  Come visit the Olympia Auto Mall today and see why we are Washington’s largest and best car dealership.  If you are searching for the best new or used car dealerships Tacoma, WA has to offer, come to the Olympia Auto Mall.

The Olympia Auto Mall – Washington's Largest!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 Ford F-150 Wins Truck Trends 2015 Pickup Truck of the Year Award

2015 Ford F-150
Truck trend, a division of motor trend, has just awarded the Pickup Truck of the Year award to the 2015 Ford F-150. On the one hand, we are humbled and grateful to accept this award. On the other hand, we’re not surprised. For over 100 years now Ford has been dedicated to providing quality vehicles that meet or exceed expectations at an affordable price to the consumer. You could say it's a testament to our efforts to achieve excellence in the face of stiff competition; because the most important winner of all is not us, it’s you.

It's hard to say exactly what helped us separate ourselves from the pack. Was it our breakthrough aluminum body construction combined with lighter high strength steel for the lightest frame in its class? Or was it the F-150’s fuel economy as a result of its lighter frame and EcoBoost technology?  Maybe it was our standout towing capacity. Perhaps it was a little of all these things.

But, then again the award wasn't our focus. Our goal was to build a leaner, meaner, Ford tough truck and that no one had ever seen before. A truck you would be proud to own and tell your friends about. We asked one simple question “How can we help people get the job done better?" The result was the 2015 Ford F-150.

Not convinced? We understand. But, don't “knock it till you try it”. Come down to the Olympia Auto Mall today to test drive the award-winning 2015 Ford F-150. Were confident you'll agree with the experts and take one home. If you're searching for new or used car dealerships in Tacoma, WA, offering the award-winning Ford F-150, the Olympia Auto Mall is your premier choice.
The Olympia Auto Mall – Washington's Largest!!!