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Friday, August 21, 2015

Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems

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If you’ve experienced that sinking feeling that comes when your car makes a weird noise or doesn't run quite right, you aren't alone. I recently had to take my car in to get looked at and the thought of a major repair bill was making me sweat. All the classic signs of a transmission gone bad were there:

First and foremost, my car seemed to be hesitating as I accelerated. Sometimes it ran just fine and other times it would suddenly lurch out of first gear. The needle showing my RPMs would keep going up, but I could feel the car working harder and harder. I replaced the transmission fluid, but the problem persisted and I knew I was in trouble.

My friend recommended that I put the car in neutral and see if anything happened. I wasn't sure exactly what I should be looking for, but I was surprised by a series of weird noises. It wasn't what I would call a good sign. 
Thinking back, there were probably warning signs a few weeks before I actually took by car into my local mechanic. I had noticed some fluid leaking out of the bottom of my car. In retrospect, I should have checked the transmission then and perhaps prolonged the life of my transmission.

The verdict was pretty clear and the cost of a new transmission simply wasn't worth the cost. That is when I decided to visit the Olympia Auto Mall, serving Chehalis and surrounding areas. They specialize in new and used cars and reliable, honest service. After careful thought, it was a better investment to put the cost of repairs towards a used car. The representatives at Olympia Automall worked with me to find an option that fit my budget and now I feel a lot safer driving around in a car that smoothly shifts.

For all your new and used car needs in the Chehalis Washington and surrounding areas, visit the Olympia Auto Mall. You won’t be disappointed!

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