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Friday, August 28, 2015

Safety Tips for using Cruise Control

aberdeen auto repair cruise control
Once a luxury option, cruise control has become basic on many makes and models of new vehicles. Service professionals in the Olympia Auto Mall, Aberdeen’s finest auto repair shops, are frequently asked about proper use of cruise control. In addition to reducing driver fatigue by eliminating the need to constantly apply pressure to the accelerator, cruise control makes driving more fuel efficient by maintaining a consistent speed. However, all advantages come with some drawbacks. To ensure driving on cruise control is as safe as it is convenient, here are a few safety tips the professionals in the Olympia Automall service departments recommend:

Cruise Where Appropriate
Cruise control is designed for lengthy trips on dry, open roads and highways. Ideally, you should only use cruise on roads with at least two lanes proceeding in each direction of travel.

Stay Focused
Just because you’re not required to keep the speed setting steady, don’t allow your attention to wander from the task of driving safely. Cruise control doesn’t reduce the critical need to steer, brake and be alert to any emergency that may suddenly arise. 

Keep Your Foot at the Brake
While you may draw your foot away from the accelerator for comfort, always keep your other foot positioned at the brake pedal. If you need to turn off the cruise to decelerate—or make an emergency stop—quick access to the brake pedal both disengages cruise control and applies braking action.  

Turn It Off In Wet Conditions
Don’t use cruise control during rain or other slick road conditions. Hydroplaning is a common occurrence where tires lose contact with a wet road and skim on the layer of water, instead. In a hydroplaning scenario, the cruise control may try to compensate for lost traction by increasing speed and spinning wheels even faster. This may result in total loss of control.

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