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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Buying a Used Car

Buying your next car is a big financial endeavor. Here are a few facts to protect you from car buying scams and make you better prepared to buy that used car.

1.     Odometer Fraud
Rolling back the odometer is has become far more difficult now that most newer models have gone to digital display. However, even the digital world (computers) can be hacked. A vehicle history report from a service like CARFAX can help determine if an odometer has been tampered based on reported events which are linked to odometer readings.
2.    Title Washing Salvaged Vehicles
Cars that have been classified as “Salvage” typically sell for a lower price. A common fraud, known as Title Washing attempts to clear the title of a car by altering the actual title documents or relocating the car to a different state. This is another area where a CARFAX report can help helpful. If the report shows the car was sold in another state, further investigation is needed to validate the car facts.
3.    VIN Cloning
Stolen vehicles are typically altered by taking vehicle identification numbers, VINs, from similar make and model vehicles. Check to be sure that all the VIN numbers on a vehicle match – dashboard, driver’s door, the vehicle’s frame, and of course the paperwork for the title.
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