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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Car Ignition Problems

Car Ignition ProblemsWe have all experience it, we wake up in the morning short on time and car won’t start. Nine times out of ten it will be ignition problems. Tumwater’s favorite used car dealers at the Olympia Auto Mall have some tips that might get you running again without the need to call out a garage. Some small faults can be easily fixed at the roadside.

Car engine won’t turn      
If you turn the key and get nothing not even a click, odds on it is the battery, check the battery contacts for corrosion and try to start the car with jump leads. No luck, next check your fuses. 
If the starter motor doesn’t turn and there is an audible click, the fault is the solenoid on the starter motor; it may just be a loose connection. It could be a bad tooth on the starter motor or fly wheel. If the car has a manual transmission, try pushing the car in gear, it may surprise you and start, but the problem will reoccur in the future.
If your battery is in good order but car is having trouble starting then there may be an ignition problem. Turn the key on and if the red warning lights on dash board light up then it means switch is ok if not it means your ignition switch is faulty.

Car starts and runs just for a few seconds
If this is happening to you, turn to the used car dealers at the Olympia Auto Mall for assistance. They suggest checking for problems in either in the fuel, compression, or spark.  Check that the fuel tank is filled with fuel or empty, compression is correct and spark is working properly. If any one of three is not in order, then visit the great car service centers at the Olympia Auto Mall. Professional ignition services in your area … give them a call and get back on the road.
For great new and used cars in the Tumwater area, visit the Olympia Auto Mall.
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