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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Car Battery Problems -- Problems Starting?

Car battery problems can lead to other problems with even the best used small SUV and compact cars available today.  When it comes to car battery issues, you need to stay on top of your regular maintenance and routine inspections of your vehicle, including but not limited to its electrical system and battery connections.
Car Battery ProblemsThe Power Source for Your Engine
The battery is at the core of your engine's power system.   It serves as the primary component of the engine's electrical connections for everything from the starter to the radio.  You can hardly have the lights illuminate the highway or the dashboard without the battery in place or fully functioning.  No matter if it is a new compact car fresh from the factory to the dealership or the best used small SUV available on the local lot, the battery remains the main power source for your vehicle's engine and its electrical system.
Preventing Major Problems Starting
The battery is the primary power source for your vehicle, so it goes along with reasoning that you need to ensure that your vehicle's battery is both properly powered up and connected.  Depending on your vehicle make and model, you may need to check more than the basic connections, but here is a simple list of connections to keep in mind:
  • Battery connection to the starter
  • Battery cables 
    • Frayed or exposed cable wiring
    • Corroded connections
  • Battery connection to the alternator
Keep in mind that modern car batteries do not require being filled with fluid in the battery cells like much older batteries.  However, modern car batteries do need to be replaced periodically.  Some have a life of three years, some five and others somewhat longer.  
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