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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What to Do in an Emergency

At some point or another you may or may already have experienced an emergency situation on the road.  For those who have experienced an emergency, and lived to tell the tale, most likely came away from that experience a little wiser and a little more cautious.  For you, this will be a refresher.  For those who have not been in an emergency situation the old adage applies: better a little caution than a great regret.

Emergency AccidentsFirst, assess the situation.  How bad are the circumstances?  Is anyone else hurt?  Are you hurt?  Are you willing to help?  DO NOT attempt to help someone if putting yourself in danger is required to do so.  With today’s emergency medical system, most responders can get to the scene quickly and help others much more effective and efficiently than you can.  We’re not suggesting that you do not help, quite the contrary.  Help within your scope of expertise and do it SAFELY.  If you cannot help someone without putting yourself or others in danger and/or feel you might cause more harm than good, then wait for help to arrive.   

Move off the road quickly and safely (help others do the same).  Once you have assessed the situation and it is safe and appropriate to do so, move your car and, if appropriate, others off the road.  Clearing the road will help take you and others hopefully from sustaining more damage and allow emergency responders to provide the care they are trained to do.

Increase others ability to see you.  Road flares, reflective signs, hazard signals, and any other items you may have to help others see you and avoid obstacles/debris, can help the situation by not causing additional distractions and hazards for other drivers.

Assist authorities- Do whatever you can to help those arriving to give aide.  If someone is hurt, give the responders a detailed rundown of their condition.  Help point them towards those that need immediate medical attention and, when the time is right, with any details about the accident to help authorities do their job effectively.  If you have CPR or medical training, let them know.

On a side note, if you haven’t already done so, now might be a good time to check/update the emergency road kit! For more on this and other tips on how to keep your car on the road and out of trouble trust the experts at the Olympia Automall to be there when you need us.  If you are searching for car dealerships in Tacoma Wa, come to the Olympia Auto Mall.  We’re here to help.

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