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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten Car Myths for 2015

Here is our list of ten car myths for 2015! Feel free to comment and share your best car myth!

  1. Why 3k?

·       You know those little stickers that remind you to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles?  Well, most of the time it’s just not true.  Check your car manual, it will often tell you your car can go twice as far before the oil needs changing.

Ten Car Myths for 2015
  1. You have to do your warm up
    • Sorry, warming up your car beforehand regardless of weather conditions actually may do more harm than good.  Yes some systems take time to come online, but you won’t be doing any damage to start and go.  Just go easy on the acceleration.
  2. Adding stuff to your fuel helps prolong engine life
    • Nope.  All that stuff is mainly just hype. 
  3. You need a tune up
    • Sometimes a tune up is in order.  Most of the time it’s time for a mechanic to take you to the cleaners.
  4. The higher the octane, the better my car will perform
    • Myth!  The only time you need premium fuel in your vehicle is if you purchased a car that requires premium only gas.
  5. Radar detection = Invisibility to Police Radar
    • No, no, no.  Really? If you have something attached to your car that blocks police radar chances are high you are guilty of more than just breaking the speed limit.
  6. Tires should be filled to max pressure indicated on the tire
    • Tires are made to handle various car weights.  For the real scoop, check the inside of your car door or your car’s manual for what the tire pressure really should be.
  7. Changing your own oil will save you money
    • Believe it or not, this one is a myth.  Oil change companies have been getting so good at this they can actually change your oil for as much or less than you can yourself.
  8.  The tall tail tailgate
    • In other words, putting your tailgate down on your truck will improve gas mileage.  One word: “NO”. Thanks for playing though…
  9. Larger cars have handle better than smaller ones
    • With the exception of traction control, 4WD, and other traction systems larger cars can actually be more dangerous than smaller ones.  Their height makes them more prone to rollover when cornering.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten list of myths for 2015!  Join the conversation, if you have myths you’ve heard of or want to share your comments.  When it comes to finding the best new and used cars Olympia has to offer come to the Olympia Auto Mall.

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