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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What is a Power Train Warranty? Your Questions Answered

Power Train Warranty
You may have heard a car dealership on television or radio offering a powertrain warranty. Besides sounding cool, it's actually one of the most important aspects of your vehicle.

So, what exactly is a powertrain? - Your powertrain in a vehicle consists of the engine, the transmission, and the drivetrain. The reason it's called the powertrain is the device by which power is transmitted from the engine to the axles of the car to effectively make it go.

What's the drivetrain? - You may be familiar with what the engine and transmission are but you may not be familiar with what a drivetrain is. The drivetrain components may actually differ depending on whether your car is front wheel or rear wheel drive, but it's these components that deliver torque to the wheels of your car.

What is torque?  - Torque is the amount of turning power your engine has to potentially turn the wheels; similar to applying pressure on a socket wrench.  The more pounds of pressure a socket wrench can apply the greater torque.  The same applies to your drivetrain.  The greater the torque your drivetrain can provide the greater capability your drivetrain has at turning the wheels to pull the overall load of the car and things a car might tow.

Manufacturers many times will offer a powertrain warranty because they know that if something breaks down in the powertrain it's going to make you one unhappy camper. Not all of powertrain warranties are the same so be sure to do your homework. If you are looking to see if a powertrain warranty comes with the new or used car you are researching, turn to the experts at the Olympia Automall, the best new and used car dealerships in the Puyallup/Olympia/Tacoma area.

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