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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Benefits and Drawbacks of Low-Profile Tires

Low-Profile Tires
Low-profile tires seem to be all the rage these days. Some dealers are even offering low-profile tires as standard with some of their vehicles. Though low-profile tires can make a car more appealing at times, there are cases where these types of tires can make a car look ridiculous. But what are the real benefits and drawbacks of low-profile tires?

Benefits – Besides looking aesthetically pleasing in some cases low-profile tires actually have scientifically proven advantages. For instance, low-profile tires can improve braking because there's less tread on the tire required to stop. Improved control despite weather conditions is also another benefit. Some professionals argue that low-profile tires allow you to feel the road better and therefore the driver is more apt to stay in control of their vehicle.

Drawbacks – At the risk of stating the obvious, the tires may wear out quicker, but not for reasons you might assume. The reason low-profile tires tend to wear out faster than all-season tires is because high-performance tires were made of a different softer material that wears quicker than your average tire. The lack of rubber can also mean that your wheels could be at greater risk of damage should you hit an obstacle such as a pothole or speed bump in just the wrong way. Oh, and the "feel" mentioned just a moment ago maybe a bit too much for some people especially those who don't like their teeth getting rattled by a rough ride. Lastly, they can make vehicles such as SUVs look like someone let the air out of their tires or that your car looks like it belongs in the circus.

Conclusion - So, are low-profile tires right for you? Consult the professionals at the Olympia Automall. Our team will help you find the tire size that fits you and your lifestyle. For the best new and used cardealerships in Tacoma area, come to the Olympia Auto Mall.

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