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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Buying a Used Truck

Making the decision to buy a used truck is much tougher than looking for a used car. Many questions arise like:
  • What was this truck used for?
  •  How was it maintained?
  • How much hauling and towing was it used for?
  • Has it been in an accident?
  • Was it used off road?

What should you look for when in the market for a used truck? Depending on the application that you intend it for, different things might be more important to you.  One thing you'll have to consider when buying a used truck is just how much towing and hauling the previous owner has done. Obviously, this isn't something you'll need to think about if you're buying a hatchback or a convertible, but trucks are different. If a truck has spent 50,000 miles hooked up to a trailer, it may have caused more than normal wear on the truck's mechanical components. Off-road use can sometimes be discovered simply by looking under the truck and look for scratches, scrapes and bent components. Many used trucks were used exclusively around town and never hauled anything more than the family sports gear. Others might have been used in a commercial application and have had a harder life. Asking the right questions will narrow your search and help you get the best truck for our money.
The good folks at South Sound Trucks have a wide variety of used trucks, lifted trucks, and SUVs. The staff will gladly assist you in finding the right used truck for you, your family, or business, and answer all of your questions. We have an awesome selection of vehicles just waiting for a test-drive. See you soon at the Olympia Auto Mall.

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