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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hatchbacks at the Olympia Auto Mall

Today’s lifestyles require a different vehicle than in the past. Whether you are single commuter or are hauling around kids to school and activities, a hatchback can serve up the convenience, economy and capacity needed. Larger than a compact and typically smaller than an SUV, the hatchback offers ample storage and room for passengers while maintaining higher fuel economy than larger vehicles. Easy access storage for groceries, sports gear and everything in between is achieved by the hatchbacks full rear door. Many models also feature fold down rear seats which allows for even more storage and longer items like skis or snowboards.
Many hatchbacks are loaded with plenty of new high-tech gadgets like GPS navigation and awesome sound systems. The size of hatchbacks also makes them sportier to drive than their larger SUV cousins. You can find several models that have Hybrid power as well as gas and diesel versions, and some full electric.

The hatchback strikes a great balance between fun and function and the Olympia Auto Mall has many to choose from with 9 brands from 10 dealers, making finding the right one a fun and easy experience. 

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