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Friday, March 31, 2017

Lifted Trucks and SUVs

What is a lifted truck or SUV?

A lifted truck or SUV is a pickup truck or sport utility vehicle whose suspension has been modified to raise it up. This is typically done to increase clearance and performance, especially for off-road use.

There are type types of lifts – Body Lifts and Suspension Lifts

Body Lifts

Body lifts are the more economical approach to modifying your truck or SUV. These lifts do not change the ride of the vehicle, they simply give the tires more clearance for off-roading. While the factory suspension and alignment remains intact. The biggest downside to the body lift is that the frame of the vehicle is more visible.

Suspension Lifts

Unlike a body lift which can only raise the body 1-3 inches, a suspension lift can go as high as the driver wants. This type of lift makes the suspension more articulate and allows the owner to purchase larger tires if desired. The downside of a suspension lift is the expense, both in the initial effort to lift the suspension as well as in the maintenance. In addition, while larger tires can be purchased and often are, the oversized tires and high profile lead to poor gas mileage.

Expert advice on Lifted Trucks

If you are considering purchasing a truck and/or lifting your existing truck or SUV, check with an expert on the best way to proceed for your particular use. Learn from South Sound Trucks all the pros and cons, and everything you should consider when making these modifications. You can find South Sound Trucks at the Olympia Auto Mall, a convenient location for new and used vehicles, maintenance, service, and truck lifts.

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