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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Pros & Cons of Low Profile Tires

Low profile tires
Low profile tires are slim, sexy, and have become one of the most popular tires in the U.S. These tires come with a shorter sidewall and wider tread, which features a shorter distance between the rims and the tread. Although low profile tires may look great on some vehicles, it's best to understand the pros and cons of these tires before choosing to put them on your used cars in Puyallup. The following information explains both sides of low profile tires.

Pros of Low Profile Tires

One of top advantages of low-profile tires is that they look amazing. At the same time from a performance perspective, these tires offer more impressive and responsive handling at higher speeds. Because these tires are wider, they have a better grip on the road, which is ideal for cornering at higher speeds. In addition, the larger rims that commonly accompany low-profile tires make way for larger brakes. As a result, these larger brakes enable your car to have quicker stopping ability, which is a major plus if you are traveling at higher speeds.

Cons of Low Profile Tires

Most used cars in Puyallup will become less stable when fitted with low profile tires, unless the vehicle was designed to run with these tires. Regardless of whether the vehicle was designed for low-profile tires or not, these tires will typically result in a harsher ride. In comparison to traditional tires, low profile tires will cause you and your passengers to feel every bump and cranny in the road. At the same time, your rims and sidewall are more likely to become damaged. If you live in an area in Puyallup, low profile tires might experience more slip in winter conditions because they have less grip.
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